mark snashall

Professional Lighting Cameraman & Editor

Candlelit love scene filmed by Sussex Cameraman Mark Snashall


A few kind words from some of my clients

“I've worked with Mark on countless projects, from corporate to drama. He is an excellent

lighting cameraman, who consistently creates beautiful images - often under significant

time constraints and with the minimum of resources - and whose creative ideas and

overall contribution to the production are always valued.  This, coupled with a calm,

professional demeanour, an air of general unflappability and a fantastic sense of humour,

makes him an ideal crew member. I can't recommend him highly enough.”

                                                                          Andrew Lennox, freelance producer/director

"I have employed Mark Snashall both as lighting cameraman and Avid editor for several years

and I can honestly say he has an in-depth command of all the technicalities as well as a great

flair for pictures, sound, music and how to put a programme together. He has immense experience,

is very easy to work with, highly professional and commits himself fully to any job he does."

                                                                                  Chris Barnard, TV Choice Productions

“As an editor Mark has a good understanding of drama, its devices and rhythms. 

And he’s pretty fast as well.”

                                                                      Tom Hickmore, Creative Director, Nice Media

"Mark is a terrific cameraman, and always a joy to work with. His quiet sense of humour

continues throughout the toughest day, and his behaviour remained nothing less

than impeccable throughout a shoot in Tracey Cox's bedroom!"

                                                                                     Zoe Uffindell, producer, Khaki Films

“I have worked with Mark for many years and have always been impressed with his

attention to details especially with lighting for drama. Pleasure to work with.”

                                                                                  Conal O'Brine, Pavemar Productions

"You always seem to manage to get the lighting perfect each time."

                                                                         Matthew Derbyshire, Smokescreen Visuals

"Thank you for your unflinching professionalism despite the gruelling schedule.

We're so pleased with the look of the shots and the lighting of the scenes is perfect."

                                                                            Keith Lovegrove, Lennox Lovegrove Films

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